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Luxury windows for historic buildings are the real challenge which involves Capoferri. In these cases we are called to express our ability to flawlessly interpret the designer’s needs. The luxury windows of historic cultural and religious buildings on which Capoferri’s skill has left its signature are many in Italy and abroad.

We start from Pinacoteca Agnelli at Lingotto in Turin which is a symbol of our country. It has been designed by Renzo Piano. We added out technique and manufacture, without any kind of compromise and with meticulous integrity towards the project. The large stainless steel high-tech luxury windows which are on the top required a very high wind resistance which had to be combined with the aesthetics of almost invisible frames.

Under the direction of Renzo Piano, we planned and built also the 24 emergency doors of the Basilica of Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo. The perfect integration with the architectures, the extremely sober solutions which are suitable for a place of worship and the respect for safety regulations involved us in a very challenging work.

The collaboration with the famous architect didn’t stop there. For the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome Capoferri was asked to develop fixtures that represent the general aesthetic vision of the project: craftsmanship touch, minimal lines, invisible mechanisms and homogeneous materials so to obtain a refined and extraordinarily elegant performing space. Bronze is the main theme of this work .

We also took part in precious works of art that we transformed into real and livable environments. We refer to a small church in the Auerberg. The idea was born from the desire of creating a real chapel on the model of a sculpture by the Architect Michele De Lucchi. We have designed and developed the roof, its exposed wooden structure and bronze cladding. The use of heterogeneous materials in perfect balance with each other made our effort even more exciting.

Let’s not forget the 2017 Genoa International Boat Show with “La Piazza del Vento”, a temporary installation that became permanent. It has been designed by OBR owned by Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi and inspired by Renzo Piano. Then we handled fixtures for many others historic buildings with luxury windows such as the Aishti Foundation and Store Department in Beirut, Lebanon, by Adjaye Associate, the UAE Pavilion conceived by Norman Foster for Expo 2015 in Milan, Palazzo Anguissola Gallerie d’Arte in Milan by Michele De Lucchi, the JP Morgan Library by Renzo Piano in New York, in England the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green by the Hough Brought Architects and, also in Piazzetta Brera in Milan, the “Casket of Heaven, architecture in a window”.

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