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Over the years, Capoferri has affirmed its expertise in the production of luxury windows and doors for private residences in Italy and abroad.
Precious fixtures made of wood, bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel and thermal break iron, motorized, pivoting, lift-and-slide openings with very large lights, revolutionary design and the ability to shape our skills on the requests of famous architects have allowed us to proudly carry our name also in luxury creations abroad.
Capoferri transforms great ideas into real products, by defining the aesthetics and efficiency of luxury international private residences.

One of our most stable collaborations is with the architect Bohlin Cywnisky Jackson. It started in 2012 with the project of a private residence in Canada. Capoferri did for it custom-made facades and stainless steel thermal break windows and doors which are suitable for the hard weather conditions of the mountain location.

The renowned architect planned other luxury private works, such as a very particular house surrounded by nature in Aspen, Colorado. Permeability to light and homogeneity with the landscape were the key expectations of the client and we made them real through our ambitious work.

The same minds have conceived an elegant private residence on the ocean, on Long Island. The wonderful view of the surrounding landscapes is enhanced through our windows and doors. The result is a peaceful luxury retreat among the fields. All the fixtures have been subjected to severe laboratory tests to wind pressure, use and difficult weather conditions.

Among the luxury residences we must mention the Spink Property in London. The precision of David Chipperfield required our great technical commitment in the creation of windows and doors characterized by an absolute attention to details. In order to respect which we had to study new systems of connection and interface between the windows and the facade of the building. So we have a harmonious proportion among the all made-to-measure components. Particularly demanding the sound insulation for the complete soundproofing of the building.

Very often our work involves our expertise in respecting the fine arts, as in the case of the restoration of a traditional Yali (one of the typical residences on Bosphorus) which had been originally designed in 1850 by the architect Fossati, then totally destroyed in a fire. We have been engaged in the faithful reconstruction of the house with vertical sliding windows, main doors, sunscreens, facade claddings, yet architectural aesthetic elements, by taking into consideration the choice and processing of materials that can withstand the constant Bosphorus sea breeze . We completed the project with the implementation of decorative and functional furnishings.

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