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Oil & Gas Industry


Glasses can be very dangerous if they do not have the characteristics suitable for the environment in which they are placed. For this reason, security doors and windows made by Capoferri have all the prerogatives needed for each specific situation. Like any other product of ours, they are customized according to the context they are intended for, in order to have the best efficiency, aesthetic value and above all, the safety required by law.

One of our most demanding jobs was undoubtedly for the Abu Dhabi Oil & Gas Industry power plant. Due to the activity it carries out, it can be subject to high risks. It is not the only operation performed by Capoferri for refineries, gas liquefaction plants and similar, but because of its all-round work it is an emblematic synthesis of the unlimited possibilities of our company.

Our intervention saw us engaged in the creation of inner partitions and REI doors (Resistance Entretenir Isolement), facades, French windows and skylights with blast-resistant security windows and doors which can be very resistant in case of burst and fire. For the same project we have also created stainless steel structures and protections on the facade, glass and stainless steel stairs, curved windows for panoramic lifts, roofs and finishes out of acoustic wood.
The placement inside plants with potential risk of explosion and fire requires that all buildings housing the control rooms have few external doors and windows and are explosion-proof.
The crystal and stainless steel staircase and the double height glass walls with glass panes more than 8 meters high create the essential aesthetics of this area which is used for such a delicate activity. For this reason the maximum safety and compliance characteristics are compulsory. On the other hand, interiors need to be comfortable and functional. So, for example, any conference or meeting room has high noise reduction coverings and it is finished with precious materials such as zebrano, maple and oak.

As happened for this type of buildings, many other projects call us to face the difficult challenge of combining taste, innovative design and security. In environments which are particularly stressed by hard internal or external agents or in complicated socio-political contexts, large windows need important interventions to guarantee the protection of those who live inside and near the building.
It is precisely this kind of challenge that makes our work exciting and continually puts us in front of new studies to improve the performance of our products.

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