Capoferri Windows and Doors was born in 1894 near Bergamo in Adrara San Martino as a result of its owner’s visionary minds. Formerly it was an artisan carpentry for wooden window frames, then it grew not only in size, yet it increased its resources and skills.

One hundred twenty-five years of activity have seen the expansion of our small laboratory, which has become a place for studying, designing and engineering fixtures, up to the present identity. Capoferri Windows and Doors is nowadays the protagonist in international projects of any size.

Sergio Capoferri and his sons Paolo, Francesco and Luca represent the current productive and organizational power of the company and they feed the inexhaustible energy of their employees and collaborators. Precisely their inspiration, study and stubbornness has led the great protagonists of architecture and world design towards Capoferri. Renzo Piano, Michele de Lucchi, David Chipperfield, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Antonio Citterio & Partners and many other famous names have entrusted the elaborate structures of windows and doors of their works to Capoferri.

As a symbol of the Italian manufacturing, our strong hand-crafted tradition has been shaped over time and it has embellished itself with technical avant-garde and it has aligned with the management expertises of large-scale industry.

Creativity and technology are combined with the steady search for aesthetics and functionality. Beauty is not generated by mere experience, yet by the enthusiasm and the continuous challenge towards the best.

Sergio Capoferri is the mouthpiece for a positive and vital lifestyle that sees no limitations for those who work with passion. “It is too presumptuous to say that we have no limits, but these are so far from our mentality, that it is as if they were not there”: thus, in a simple observation, he reveals the secret of his talent and that contagious vigor that spreads in the different departments.

Competence and meticulous organization must support the creative process: the organization through the various branches creates a compact team from which the finished product comes out perfect and verified in all its aspects.

An efficient technical office is the first step which follows the birth of the idea. It is coordinated with an analysis and development department. Carpenters and mechanics go forward in the production chain by giving the creation an unrepeatable “handmade” scent. The creation is fully realized only in the final phase of a careful installation which is followed by a post-production stage.

Capoferri’ windows and doors are not related to the word “standard”. In fact each element arises from an individual need, from the request of customized solutions that meet the varied needs and which are based on the environment and aesthetic characteristics of their destination. Control of light, safety, thermal insulation even in extreme environmental conditions are only part of the multifaceted work of making windows and doors. By discovering some of our main creations it is really possible to understand our role as leader in this field.

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