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Capoferri has consolidated its presence over the years in Italy and abroad in the field of private luxury residences.
The choice of quality materials, the advanced technology, the unceasing research and the ability to harmoniously combine our creativity with the inspiration of great architects has seen our fixtures appear today alongside famous brands of the design.
It is precisely the private field that stimulates the production of custom-made windows, studied for the most varied needs, for unusual locations and for the pleasure of creating a product that enhances and merges with the aesthetics of unprecedented architecture.

Let’s talk about Italy and mention, for example, a luxury private residence on the outskirts of Chieti, for which Valbonesi architect has designed a timeless space, in which traditional raw materials such as wood and stone are combined with the modern and contemporary design of the villa. Capoferri has conceived considerable dimensions sliding windows frames equipped with motorized opening, in order to elegantly express the austerity and rigour of the project.

Among the beautiful residences in the center of Italy, we remember a luxurious building in Mantua, which is almost unusual for its technical details and for the used material. The original closure of the Jacuzzi is made of a mechanized curved frame, which allows you to enter the internal pool and then find yourself outside the house simply by turning the door.

For a luxury private residence in Formigine, in the province of Modena, Arch. Elena Pancaldi has planned a place inspired by the idea of ​​purity of lines, out of time, which is characterized by aesthetic minimalism and functionality. Capoferri had the task of communicating all this through oxidized bronze window frames and cedar wood grills, motorized and opened by a folding center system. With their movement they create architectural games on the facade.

Among the most famous national luxury residences, it is worth mentioning a project by architect Recchi in Turin. The complex mechanical processes harmoniously blend with nature, the light envelops and penetrates the rooms and the choice of each material is in perfect balance with the environment. With undoubted mastery, the technique at the service of a visionary work leads to an unprecedented beauty.

But among the many luxury residences we cannot forget those that for our country represent an artistic asset which belongs to history: Villa Mostaccini, one of the most prestigious Ligurian villas. It is located on the heights of Bordighera. It was built in 1932 in a typical late Renaissance style. In 2016 the villa underwent a meticulous restoration that aimed to maintain all the details that distinguish its beauty. Capoferri, on the instructions of the architect Maiga, took care of replacing all the wooden windows, windowsills, arches and the all philological recovery of the other parts by respecting the historical aesthetic system.

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