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Thermal break windows

Ferrofinestra are the new thermal break windows conceived by Capoferri.
Suitable for small and very large lights, they can also cover wide portions of facade. The undoubted charm of this product lies in its aesthetics, while its technical characteristics make it decidedly performing. The appeal to traditional steel fixtures made by artisans between the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century gives a retro taste to the room. The light refraction among the shadows created by the metal frames fills with an enveloping atmosphere spaces intended for more impersonal use such as those of big industrial buildings.

The thermal break windows are not made of classic extruded or folded frames. They are built by coupling two 5 mm T-plates with rigorously invisible welds and have a variable thickness depending on the type of glass, dimension of fixtures and resistance to wind required.

The innovative thermal break system is integrated into the frame, so as to be invisible thanks to its small size. The joints of the openable parts also ensure a clean and homogeneous aesthetics with the rest of the structure. It also gives excellent performance both for acoustic and thermal insulation and air and water tightness. In order to guarantee these high standards, we apply a silicone gasket to the framework.
These fixtures are characterized by their essentiality. Unlike the many thermal break windows and doors, they do not require compromises between dimensions and types of opening. Yet it is possible to create multiple locking points according to the modern window systems.

The realization of Ferrofinestra takes place entirely inside Capoferri factories. The metalware and hinges are designed and implemented in our workshops by using stainless steel or bronze. A precise study and careful evaluations made by our technicians lead us to establish the right workmanship according to the opening systems and the weight of the doors.

Our thermal break windows are available in painted steel, matt stainless steel and oxidized bronze. Since often these kinds of windows cover very large surfaces, we have studied, drawn and produced models of handles that are perfect for opening and closing with minimum effort.

Thanks to its flawless technology and high quality, Ferrofinestra deserves the highest level and even more UNI certifications for resistance to atmospheric conditions.


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