Valdagno, Vicenza, Italy

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Ferrofinestra windows

As part of the requalification of this historic industrial plant in Valdagno near Vicenza, Capoferri’s new Ferrofinestra system found one of its first applications. This new line of products has been studied specifically for applications in historical contexts, combining the aesthetics of the last century with modern standards in terms of performance and functionality. Ferrofinestra Capoferri evokes the look of traditional steel windows crafted by artisans during the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. While traditional in appearance, these windows come with many modern features like, e.g. multipoint locking hardware. The thermal break has been fully integrated into the window profile in order to reduce the dimensions of the frames, including those for the operable parts, while guaranteeing structural integrity and providing excellent performance values when it comes to acoustic and thermal insulation as well as resistance to air, water and wind. The result is an unpretentious window, which is functional and guarantees a high standard of security – perfect for the requalification of an old factory.



Valdagno Vicenza, Italy


Ferrofinestra Capoferri

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