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Bronze facade armored windows

The Presidential Palace in Tbilisi is a complex building; because of its history, its aesthetic references and, last but not least, its function. The architect was faced with a structure already halfway built; the concrete structure and the glass dome were already in place. His modifications had to be subtle, yet effective, respectful of the building, and at the same time modern enough to meet the stringent requirements of a 21st century government facility. Capoferri built and installed over 100 windows from red oak; two verandas (one on top of each wing of the building); and two three story façades from true bronze: each featuring an impressive, 5.4m high, automated two-leafed entrance door. The main challenge was to insert a required amount of high security, bullet-proof windows that would conform to the most stringent military norms without being distinguishable from the 100+ regular wood windows of the building. The windows were therefore successfully tested according to the NATO norm STANAG LEVEL 3, one of the most stringent military norms that can be applied to glazed surfaces. Installation on site was carried out shortly before and after the Russian-Georgian crisis in 2008 resulting in additional logistical challenges.


Tbilisi, Georgia

The Government of Georgia


Oak windows and verandas, bronze facades with automated main entrance, high security windows.

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