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Design furnishings

Design furnishings created by Capoferri were born from the increasingly demanding requests for balance and homogeneity with our work. When we create windows and doors which have an uniform aesthetics with the general look of the building, we have to distribute elements and furnishings that recall the style and essence of these fixtures. Thus, by proposing furnishing objects out of the same materials and that respond to mere aesthetic needs, we harmonize windows and doors with the whole structure and we give them an artistic value.

Capoferri is involved in the study and construction of accessory parts for its own windows and doors, such as furnishing accessories that do not have a true functional sense. Yet they are indispensable for generating harmony between the components and for giving a general aesthetic balance in high level buildings.
By creating design furnishings and accessories, Capoferri partially becomes an interior decorator. We play with materials by creating unique pieces which are the result of inspiration, technology and skillful ability to elaborate the client’s design intent.
So, handrails, parapets, simple or anti-panic handles, canopies and everything contributes to define the lines of a building is studied and produced in line with the general style of the project. Art manufacturing and the original “made in Italy” imprint shine vehemently through these creations and they outline the intrinsic spirit of the work.


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