Mission & values


Capoferri Serramenti was founded in 1894 in the province of Bergamo as a small wood workshop for windows. In over 125 years of activity the company’s excellence has grown in design, engineering and manufacturing of windows and architectural solutions on a national and international level

Drivers + Team

Sergio Capoferri, together with his sons Paolo, Francesco and Luca are the current creative and organizational drivers of the company. Together with a team of more than 100 professionals the company collaborates with major protagonists of international architecture and design


As life-long supporters of a style that does not know limitations Capoferri constantly research avant-garde solutions, building windows that cannot be considered “produced in series”. Each element derives from unique challenges that require personalized solutions to express beauty, harmony and technological perfection.


Capoferri is at the service of the protagonists of international architecture and those clients that look for engineering and solutions with a high level of technology, beauty and innovation.


Innovation and creativity. Capoferri solutions are born from constant research.

Passion. Passion and dedication render each project unique and enables us to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Experience. Capoferri solutions are the result of experience and know-how accumulated in 125 years and handed down for five generations.

Quality e Made in Italy. Capoferri is chosen all over the world because it represents the very spirit and quality of the true MADE IN ITALY.

No limits. The continuous research to overcome technological and project limits has always characterized the spirit of Capoferri.

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