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Large windows

Plathéa is the new line of large windows and doors designed and manufactured by Capoferri. This type of extra thin window frames offers a very high level performance. They are intended for large rooms that require light and visual communication with the outside and at the same time they have to be very resistant to winds and water. Therefore they are recognized as conforming to the highest quality standards required.
Minimal lines and almost invisible outlines are liven up only by fixed and sliding windows. The width of the coupled frames reaches 40 mm maximum, satisfying the customer’s aesthetic and technical expectations.

Plathéa is the result of an advanced technology which has been preceded by studies and functionality tests. It is available in stainless steel, bronze, brass and iron in order to fit the design and functional needs of any decor. Due to the motorized, fluid and friction-free opening, the quality of materials and the accuracy of the execution, this product is absolutely excellent and performing, durable and qualitatively high.

These large windows can be manual or motorized, according to the use and weight of the doors. In both types of opening, our precision mechanics ensures the best fluid movement even in cases of very large and heavy glass surfaces.

The seals are completely made of silicone and they ensure a very high seal level.

The value of these large glass windows lies in the careful processing that takes place entirely within our workshops. Each phase is meticulously executed from design to construction up to installation. Windows are totally created in Capoferri factories starting from the metalware to the outline, passing through the molding of each silicone gasket until assembly of the glass.

Each window is certified to indicate the thermal transmittance index, wind resistance and the declaration of admissible deformations caused by the wind load in proportion to the size of its doors.
Once again, all the certifications obtained by Capoferri for sealing and resistance exceed the maximum levels prescribed by the regulations.



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