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Luxury windows and doors distinguish Capoferri’s works among the many varieties of fixtures. Our goal is to make them as one with the architectures of the building by creating a homogeneous complex made of design, structures, complexity of mechanisms and materials and the permeability of light.

We never forget to keep balance with the surrounding landscape, whether we are in an open countryside or in a lively and multifaceted metropolitan context.
There are many luxury projects for private and collective use that carry the Capoferri signature alongside the even more prestigious name of internationally renowned architects.

We are talking about locations for events such as the Milan Triennale where we dealt with the glass and steel structure of a panoramic terrace or the Arab Emirates Pavilion at the 2015 Expo, whose configuration is inspired by the traditional ancient desert cities and their narrow and shady streets.

To move the lens to the hospitality sector, we mention the Sky Bar located at La Cigale Hotel in Doha, Qatar. Famous for the excellence of the services and the luxurious environments, it challenged us with the realization of majestic fixtures, with very large glass surfaces and high-level technical performances.

But the greatest creativity challenges us in private luxury residences, where the most varied personal and environmental needs are mixed with the unprecedented inspiration of skilled designers and planners. For example, the luxury windows and doors of the elegant accommodation designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson a few steps from the ocean, on the beautiful Long Island or the historic villa overlooking the Bosphorus shores in Istanbul, whose restoration was planned by the Midek / Mingu study. Its mahogany and cedar wooden windows and facade cladding isolate it from the chaos of the city thanks to advanced acoustic abatement technologies.

Even more complex is a work that has earned us the publication in the “Record Houses” edition in April 2014 on Architectural Record magazine. It is a private residence in Colorado born from a sophisticated and technically challenging project by Renzo Piano. The compliance with local environmental regulations, which forbid the presence of inert gases in the double-glazing units and the need to face the harsh climatic conditions, have made this work one of the most ambitious and exciting we have ever worked on.
In Italy too there are many and various works with luxury windows and doors made by Capoferri.

Among the most suggestive we mention a house in Turin in which technique and aesthetics are waved together in a single team. Red cedar sunscreen louvers constitute the front covering of the house; on these some openable elements made of folding center, pivoting and sliding panels are inserted with evident sophistication and elegance.

Here and in many other cases, windows, doors, mechanical processes, the choice of material and their aesthetics are transformed into a synthesis of luxury in which Capoferri’s technical expertise puts itself at the service of architecture and enhances its forms.

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