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Italian design


Capoferri’s windows and doors are the result of a completely made in Italy design, in which the handmade creation skilfully blends with the technical competence and the growing need for compliance with increasingly rigorous certifications.

But what exactly does “made in Italy” mean? It is a short definition to qualify the creative excellence and manufacturing skills which are typical of our craftsmen. Italian craftsmanship still exists in this century embellished with all those competencies that make our articles really cutting-edge, technically and technologically advanced and compliant with various international regulations.

Italy has always been in the first place for the high quality of its handicraft products and for the perfect elegance that permeates its products. From this the renowned reputation for aesthetic superiority of our products alongside the guarantee of quality of the materials which are used in the production of our goods.

We have always specialized in the realization of automatic, armored, sliding, metal and wooden windows and doors. We create innovative and customized fixtures, very large lights, security windows, roofs, glass curtain walls and sliding doors.

For five generations we have been working with wood and we have been adapting it to the totally individual requests of our clients. Thanks to our technical skills we have molded the most precious metals such as bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel so that they become unique pieces intended for aesthetic use and high functionality.

Our long hand crafted tradition, the constant search for innovation and the top level standards have allowed us to secceeed in our country and in many foreign countries with high-performance fixtures perfectly integrated with the most demanding architectural styles and the most varied environmental conditions.

The use of an artisan and skilled labor guarantees the maximum attention to detail and offers a totally customized product in terms of style, material, structural needs and dimensions.

It is precisely the “tailor-made” that guides us towards the exploration of new technologies and stimulates us to study and innovate in coating methods, as well as in developing special doors and windows projects made with bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel and thermal break iron, by taking care of the different phases, from design to prototype.

We design and build special hardware and mechanisms for the automation of our windows and we do not have any limit of size and technology. It is no coincidence that patented systems come out of our workshops as the first of all in 1976 for “laminated wood with multiple joints”.

The need for stylistic uniformity in the execution of our projects involves us in a much wider effort than the mere realization of fixtures. It extends our work to the creation of accessory elements, such as furnishings, coatings and structures, always steeped in authentic made in Italy.

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