Milan, italy

terrazza triennaleObr

Milan triennale steel and glass structure

The project presented by OBR for the restaurant on top of the panoramic terrace of the Triennale in Milan reveals technical characteristics that are as ambitious as the aesthetic and conceptual ones. Capoferri has created the structure in 60 days, developing new technical solutions to merge the technical/mechanical performance with the project brief and coordinating all the subcontractors involved. The pavilion consists of a glazed parallelepiped, 33 x 5 meters in plan and 3 meters in height, built from a light modular structure in stainless steel, which creates seven bays that follow the rhythmic pattern of the historic portals. The glazed panels push the limits of technology to the extreme; made from thermally broken profiles, they represent the minimum dimensions possible (55 mm depth) for an operable profile of this kind. The mechanisms of the lift&slide panels are completely recessed into the support structure. Thus, when the operable panels are closed, they blend in fully with the fixed panels. The lift&slide panels on the shorter sides of the structure can be opened completely by moving away perpendicularly from the structure, running only on a recessed lower track without any visible upper guides; a truly innovative solution which has never been implemented before. All components where designed to allow their assembly on site; the pavilion sits on the existing terrace without damaging its surface thanks to a floating floor in wood, with all technical connections running underneath. The enclosure is formed from operable partitions that slide on tracks recessed into the floating floor as well as guides in the upper rails. The vertical panels as well as the slightly sloped glass roof come with tempered and laminated low emission glazing, shielded by a sliding curtain of coated fabric, which, apart from providing shade during daytime, can be used for projection of light and images during the night.


Triennale di Milano Servizi

Milan, Italy


Excellence in technique, innovation and high quality manufacturing to give substance to the OBR project.

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