Abu Dhabi, UAE

Oil & Gas central control roomsSpacio Design (Milan)

Blast-resistant door facades

A project with a 360-degree approach for the various main control rooms of oil refineries, gas liquefaction plants and similar facilities. The control rooms of this strategic industry of the UAE reflect the corporate image of the companies that invest in the highest quality premium finishes, offering their Engineers ideal work environments that have recreational areas and gyms as well as relaxation rooms. Given the location inside of large facilities with the potential risk of fire or explosions in case of incidents, the main control building has few windows and mainly skylights that are blast-resistant. The same is true for the access doors, while interior office partitions are fire-rated. The interior joinery, while ergonomic, is of the highest quality, offering a superior level of finish. The staircase crafted from glass and stainless steel as well as oversize partitions made from single-sheet glass of heights up to nearly 9m are strong feature elements of the interior. The conference and meeting rooms feature sound absorbing wood paneling, finished with the highest quality natural materials such as maple, oak and zebrawood.

Spazio Design (Milan)


Abu Dhabi, UAE


Blast resistant doors and blast-resistant facades, fire-rated partitions and doors, blast-resistant skylights, facade facing in stainless steel, inergen shelter structures, interior glass facings, acoustic ceilings, glass staircases artificial skylights/lighting fixtures architectural finishes and accessories.


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