Milan, Italy

Palazzo AnguissolaMichele De Lucchi aMDL

Palazzo Anguissola Milan

The Palazzo Anguissola hosts one of Milan’s most interesting museums, Le Gallerie D’Italia, exhibiting art collections of the 18th and 19th century owned by Intesa San Paolo, one of Italy’s biggest banking groups. Capoferri was asked to build wood windows that would integrate high security performance, while blending in perfectly with the period style of the old Palazzo. Custom-engineered hardware was built for every single window and concealed armor was introduced. Additionally, the courtyard was to be closed off by inserting glazed partitions and operable units between the stone columns and the adjacent arcade. This enclosure had to be self-supporting as the possibilities to anchor the structure to the existing historic building were extremely limited. As a result, a structure consisting of pillars from true bronze as well as both fixed and operable glazed partitions complete with flush thresholds were designed. Additional custom windows from true bronze have been added, following the irregular surface of the building, previously scanned with a sophisticated laser scanner. De Lucchi also designed the easels that would hold the bas reliefs of Canova. Each easel was designed specifically for the bas relief it would have to display, in order to contain its dimensions and bear the weight of the exhibit. The easels, made from steel clad with treated brass, were then equipped with integrated lighting to adequately illuminate the masterpieces. Other, lighter easels, bespoke lampstands and brass bollards have been provided for the exhibition areas of the Galleria.

Michele De Lucchi aMDL

Intesa San Paolo

Milan, Italy


Custom-built armored windows and doors, bronze windows, brass light fixtures, brass bollards, easels from blackened brass for paintings and Canova bas reliefs.

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