Turin, Italy

Pinacoteca AgnelliRenzo Piano Building Workshop

Pinacoteca Agnelli Turin

The Pinacotheca Agnelli at the Lingotto Building in Turin was quickly nicknamed Scrigno (i.e. The Shrine) for the extraordinary quality of both the project itself, and the superb art treasures in its custody. As with all his projects, Renzo Piano would not accept compromise in achieving the vision he had clearly in mind. Rather, he would push technology and manufacturing to satisfy his needs and once more turned to Capoferri to design and build the glazed portions for his project. Located on the roof of the historic Headquarters of FIAT, the Pinacotheca features a storefront consisting of large glazed partitions framed by an elegant, crafted profile of stainless steel. Despite the reduced dimensions of the frames; the partitions, which are center pivot and are without permanent mullions when open, easily withstand the heavy wind loads thanks to a specially designed telescopic fixed frame. All hardware is bespoke to maintain the overall soberness and consistent surface finishes throughout.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Fiat Engineering

Turin, Italy


Custom stainless steel windows and vestibule.

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