Steel claddings

Capoferri steel windows are perfect for glazed facades and essential frames.They are frequently required on public buildings and private residences, whose clients increasingly appreciate large windows with minimal visual impact which favors the brightness of interiors.
Stainless steel is a particularly strong and corrosion resistant material.
It allows us to create thin and robust structures with a minimal design.
Its conductivity is about a tenth of aluminum, so we can produce thermal break windows with a very low transmittance. We think, for example, of the wide fixed or openable glass surfaces that distinguish many luxury homes, offices or edifices for sporting or recreational purposes.
Steel is also used for the construction of windows with “cold” profiles (without insulation) which meet energy saving regulations at lower prices by the use of proper double glazing.
Because of this, steel is suitable for all projects that require a good energy efficiency. In fact the steel frame can also host heat winning double insulating, armored, bulletproof glasses or of all other types.
It may happen that particular environmental or socio-political needs of the place where the window is installed require the use of highly technological materials, such as carbon fiber or ballistic steel, which have a very high structural level and thermal or acoustic performances. In these cases, we work in close collaboration with specialized companies in order to ensure the best performance.
To the innovative technology is added a decidedly flexible aesthetic, aimed to satisfy the requests of our customers. We carry out a tailor-made work by producing windows made with stainless, corten or painted steel, that have always to be suitable for the context for which they are intended.
Lastly, let’s not overlook the small environmental impact of this window. Steel is considered a green material. Thanks to its technical characteristics it reduces energy waste, it does not release toxic substances and it is almost totally recyclable.

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