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When we take care of the recovery of a historic building we move on a careful and complex path made of an accurate analysis and which is followed by the […]

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Blog, Fine Arts - 17 / 01 / 2019

Capoferri a Architect@Work London

Long-lasting and sustainable projects, “Future-proof”: on the occasion of ARCHITECT @ WORK London Capoferri will present Plathéa, ultra-slim lift&slide windows with superior performances that provide an […]

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Capoferri also creates tailor made windows and doors for historic, cultural and religious buildings that belong to the Fine Arts. These projects imply the collaboration with internationally renowned architects. On these occasions our company offers its very high technical knowledge and it combines its artistic skills to the inspiration of notable minds.

In Italy and abroad we admire famous architectural works that blend the engineering and creative ability of their creators to the operational competence of all those who individually take part in the realization. Windows play an essential role and it mostly happens where doors, windows and accessories must merge in harmony with the all structure or they even constitute its basic component.

Today, intervening or creating tailor made windows for Fine Arts buildings means integrating high safety performances without altering the aesthetics of the existing structure and by making sure that art never succumb to the technical aspect. For this reason Capoferri has studied customized metalware and hidden armor systems for each window.

So if we look at one of the most interesting museums in Milan, Gallerie d’Italia in Palazzo Anguissola, we notice a harmonious and homogeneous whole, tailor made mahogany armored windows and doors, bronze frames, brass lamps and bollards, display stands for Canova’s plaster bas-reliefs and for other paintings. Capoferri’s touch disappears behind perfection, yet it is visibly present in the efficiency and perfectly integrated with the style of the building.
In the same way, Capoferri enters the world of Fine Arts with the tailor made windows of the church dedicated to Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo. Renzo Piano put his project in the hands of Capoferri who developed and built all the automatic portals and emergency exits. Being a place of worship, also in this case it was necessary to adopt extremely sober solutions that did not show any functional mechanism.
There are many other custom fixtures created by Capoferri for architecturally important buildings. We mention, for example, the fixed and sliding decorative laser-cut panels out of polished AISI 316 stainless steel, the coatings for the escalators of the Adjaye Associated in Beirut, the bronze doors, parapets and partitions for the main entrance and vestibule in the New York Building Workshop or the stainless steel tailor made windows and vestibule in Pinacoteca Agnelli in Turin.
In these and others works Capoferri has put its skills at the service of Fine Arts, by contributing to the construction of buildings behind which a skill entirely made in Italy is often hidden.

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