Capoferri manufactures security doors and windows for medium and high risk buildings.
With BL200 doors and windows we have achieved very high security levels by widely exceeding the limit of resistance to civilian weapons and reaching the 3rd level of “STANAG” legislation that classifies NATO military weapons.
Each security window is tailor-made for an individual application, so that they are optimally integrated into the specific context of each project, without ever having an unsightly impact on the designer’s expectations. Thus buildings belonging to the Fine Arts or luxurious private residences have maximum security doors and windows by preserving beauty and harmony.
BL200 security doors and windows are produced entirely in our laboratories. They have different aesthetic features depending on the used material. In fact, they can be covered by wood or metal and forged in the required style.

Ballistic tests were performed on 15 December 2008 by Banco Nazionale Di Prova, located in Valtrompia near Brescia and they confirmed the perfect efficiency of this type of security window. They have proven its resistance to highly powerful weapons like 1977 FPK Semiautomatic Dragunov caliber 7.62x54R incendiary hard core with a projectile speed of 860 m/sec.

So Capoferri takes advantage of high technology and experience in the construction of armored, anti-intrusion and anti-bullet windows and doors which result perfectly harmonized with the aesthetics of the building to which they belong such as historical-artistic and cultural contexts and in luxury private homes.
An example of extreme attention to safeguarding the building is the Presidential Palace in Tiblisi. Restoration and redefinition of the rooms was required with a strong respect of the original style and, at the same time, of modern needs. We have developed over one hundred oak security fixtures, two verandas on the wings of the building, 3-storey facades with real bronze profiles and a 5.4m high main door with motorized opening. As always happens in the field of cultural heritage, we have been asked to balance very high security needs with the aesthetic requirements of conservative intervention. Ten windows and one veranda have been designed to meet very high safety standards which are typical of military environments. Our greatest satisfaction lies not only in the perfect efficiency of our windows and doors, yet in the fact that the bulletproof elements are completely indistinguishable from normal fixtures.

Due to the growing need for security, there are many other buildings we complete with armored and blast resistant windows and doors, by respecting the creative requests of the architect and the client.

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