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TAVOLA ROTONDA Re-Build in the Built Environment Wednesday January 16th 2019 6.30 – 8.30 pm Teatro Agorà – Triennale di Milano Viale Alemagna 6, Milan Professionals […]

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capoferri windows and doors events

Capoferri also stands out in the implementation of windows and doors for events.
There are many elements we have studied and produced for famous architects. Conceived for events and intended for temporary exhibitions, in some cases they have been kept as an artistic heritage in the cities in which they are located.

Let's talk about the framework for the panoramic terrace of the new restaurant designed by OBR for the 2015 Triennale exhibition in Milan. Technical excellence, innovation and top quality manufacture have shaped a final product which has ambitious technical, aesthetic and conceptual characteristics and innovative solutions never seen before. The particular context required exceptional production times, since the product had to be ready and assembled in 60 days.

Not least, the magnificent and exclusive "Piazza del Vento", created on the inspiration of Renzo Piano also for OBR on the occasion of the 57th edition of Salone Nautico (Boat Show) in Genoa. Thanks to his own design and manufacturing experience Capoferri has contributed to the creation of this work that has become permanent, a public space dedicated to the people, 57 12 m high red cedar and white steel trees that are intertwined by textile shrouds and triangular jibs. On the top, Windex weather vanes are sewn with colored flame-shaped spinnaker fabrics that indicate the wind direction and its speed.

Among the events to which Capoferri took part, we also remember the “Scrigno del Cielo, l’architettura in una finestra”(Box of Heaven, architecture in a window) in Piazzetta Brera in Milan. It has been designed by Cherubino Gambardella and Simona Ottieri just for us. It is a seven and a half meters high tower with fringed top as a tribute to the Dome's steeples and Castello Sforzesco's merlons. The external walls are made of numerous profiles out of wood and metal which have different colors and shapes. Inside there are a myriad of locks, hinges, brackets, brass, bronze, aluminum and steel metalware to celebrate the mechanical ability and the perfection that characterizes Capoferri windows.

Also The United Arab Emirates Pavilion built on a project by Fosters & Partners for Expo Milano 2015 boasts a high aesthetic value. For it Capoferri did the cladding of the central cylindrical tower, with Nordic gold shingles, motorized sliding doors for the 64 decibels soundproof cinema room and the bronze slatted doors designed by the architect Norman Foster.

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