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Capoferri is skilled in the production of custom windows. It is the result of a combination of our innovative technology and mastery in craftsmanship.

Tradition and professionalism are blent in a strong creative impulse, which guides us in finding ad hoc fixtures for any project.

The most difficult challenge consists in combining the company’s internal creativity with the inspiration and genius of great representatives of world architecture. Visionary talents merge and achieve a common purpose. It allows us to make even the highly complex projects real.

We have worked and we still work with the most famous international designers. For them we study advanced solutions, without any limit to our skills and studies. Our greatest challenges arise not only in the new and complicated constructions conceived by the mind of whimsical architects, yet in the pre-existing architectures which require a visually delicate and non-invasive intervention. While we strive to ensure maximum technical performance, we cannot overlook what has already been built. It often belongs to the historical and cultural heritage and it is bound by strict rules that are dictated by the Superintendencies.

In these particularly demanding situations we are called to intervene in historic contexts to preserve and enhance unique assets that belong to our history. In these cases the planning of custom windows and doors becomes very elaborate. We put modernity and innovation at the service of past time, by bringing technical improvements that do not alter the original aesthetics.

Just think of some of our interventions to understand how the realization of custom windows is more than a simple need. We mention, for example, Palazzo Anguissola in Milan, where one of the most interesting museums Gallerie d’Italia is located. It houses 18th and 19th century art collections of Banca Intesa San Paolo. Precisely the replacement of its original fixtures with new custom windows has been necessary due to its role of custodian of great value treasures. We respected the early style, by integrating with high anti-theft and burglar-proof performances. For this reason we have chosen bronze metalware and hidden armor systems, which we designed in a completely personal way for each window. Alongside it we put the steel and brass trestles designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi to support the Canova bas-reliefs.

Another example is the Presidential Palace in Tbilisi, Georgia. Here too, it was necessary to implement the security by simultaneously complying with the aesthetic standards of the conservative design and the very high requirements typical of military environments. We made sure that the bulletproof elements are absolutely indistinguishable from the normal ones.

So the creation of custom-made fixtures makes our effort even more exciting, always pushing us towards new research and knowledge.

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