Innovation and sustainability


The name Capoferri leads unconditionally to the idea of ​​advanced windows and doors which stand out from extraordinarily significant architectural buildings. To the casual observer the beauty and cleanliness of the lines are evident. In the same way also the complexity of mechanisms is often visible in the constructions that clearly show their technology.

However there is something that always escapes the profane eye, yet it is basic for any advanced and efficient fixture which is born from the strong attention to the environment: we are talking about sustainability.

At the dawn of our company energy efficiency was not a primary concern. Today it is the essential fulcrum of our activity. We plan innovative, elegant and design windows and doors which are qualitatively superior, durable and with the highest values ​​of thermal insulation.

The heart of contemporary implementations is the decrease in consumption for heating and the consequent economic benefits and a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions on the planet, in total respect of nature.
The creation of advanced fixtures made of recyclable materials such as bronze, stainless steel, copper, wood and glass gives a perspective of reuse even when the life cycle of our windows and doors will be finished. So that their impact on the climate will be minimal.

In addition, innovation also means for Capoferri technological progress, research and development of projects that lead to a perfect finished product in every respect. High technologies are combined with an extremely simple and minimal appearance.

The preference for hi-tech materials such as particularly high-quality metals characterizes our products. We carefully select the timber according to its characteristics. The right cut and the meticulous seasoning make it resistant over time, in any weather condition.

Aesthetics and quality come together and come to life during the advanced processing phases of our windows and doors. So wooden panels and parts are painted with first choice paints and tested cycles.
For particular processes, a highly technological innovative material is used such as ballistic steel and carbon fiber, which have a high-level performance against heat and noise. Often these types of projects are carried out in collaboration with specialized companies in order to guarantee the best achievement even in fields that are not in the range of our competence.

Capoferri did a lot of research to achieve functional perfection. So in 1976, for example, the brand patented the first “multiple joints laminated wood “. Since then the studies continue thanks to a specialized team which takes care about innovation of coating systems. In the same way, the mechanical factory is engaged in the planning of increasingly advanced machinery and automation.

It is precisely this combination of creativity and work organization that has brought Capoferri to its present dimension, which is never perceived as a goal, but as a continuous step towards its growth.

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